Linii Huon Pine Pet & Bedding Spray
Linii Huon Pine Pet & Bedding Spray
Linii Huon Pine

Linii Huon Pine Pet & Bedding Spray

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Tasmanian Huon Pine pet and bedding spray is perfect to deter fleas and pests.

You can use this on Pets and their beds to help deter fleas and pests. Just spray every few days. A couple of pumps every few days will help both the animal fur and the bed to build up its intake of the spray.

This is exactly the same item as the 100ml Huon Pine Mist. Natures Mothballs in a bottle or a bag without “THAT SMELL”

Spray this ANYWERE YOU LIKE to deter Silverfish, Fleas, Moths and Mites.

Keep Linen, Furniture and Pets smelling lovely.

100% Natural – Chemical Free.

Long-Lasting calming soothing and inviting. Use this amazing mist to bring the temperate rain forest of South West Tasmania into your home. Use in personal spaces to freshen linen, bedding, clothing, carpets etc. Our Huon Pine Mist can be used in and around cupboards and hard surfaces to deter pests. As it has great oil content it will protect your family for a long time.